• Mebel Art

    Last modified: August, 2020
    • GatsbyJS
    • Contentful

    Website of a company selling kitchens by individual design-projects.

  • Diopside

    Last modified: May, 2020
    • Jekyll
    • NetlifyCMS

    A fully-responsite finctional company website based on Jekyll. Completely customizable by Netlify CMS, include several post types, maps, light youtube video embedding and so on.

  • Quantum

    Last modified: May, 2020
    • WordPress
    • PostCSS

    A fictional junior hockey team website. Based on my own design and WordPress engine.

  • Jade

    Last modified: May, 2020
    • Gatsby
    • styled-components

    Second website based on Gatsby and first experience with CSS-in-JS library styled-components. Getting data from Contentful CMS and little bit of MaterialUI styles.